Our Practice

Our practice can be categorized mainly to “Patent / Utility model”, “Design” and “Trademark”. We widely support acquiring intellectual property rights in each category, not to mention in Japan but in the whole world, through activities such as patentability search, filing process, filing appeal, litigation, warning infringer and licensing.

Patent / Utility Model

  • Upon filing an application for Patent and Utility model rights, Minami Aoyama Patent and Trademark Attorneys aims to obtain rights not only of broad scope but also stable and strong that can stand in the event of exertion thereof such as law suit. For this reason, we discuss the invention of our client from various points of view and propose the best form of filing that can convince him /her, taking into account factors like future trend and possible embodiments.


    We also actively offer assistance services such as discovering innovations from mountains of ideas accumulated through daily work of research and development.


  • Upon filing an application for Design rights, Minami Aoyama Patent and Trademark Attorneys propose the most suitable form of application to our client to protect his / her design from multiple aspects, by maximizing the merits we could possibly obtain under the rules that are unique in the current design law, for example, “part design”, “related design”, “secret design”. Moreover, we have a strategy of our own that is to protect an invention not only within the scope of patent rights but also by acquiring design rights so that the design rights would supplement the patent rights once a law suit has been filed.


  • Upon filing an application for Trademarks, Minami Aoyama Patent and Trademark Attorneys would not merely registers the trademark requested to be filed by our client, but would propose the most suitable form of application that could realize a strong brand image and could draw attention of consumers, taking into consideration the future business development of his / her own.


We offer services in the following fields as well:

  • Copyright
    Consultation on copyrights,
    Warning infringer
    Registration of author’s real name
    Registration of the first issue date and/or the date of completion of creation,
    Transfer of the copyrights


    Unfair Competition
    Consultation on unfair competition, warning infringer